Friday, February 27, 2004

I'll be back Monday or Tuesday....
Watch the Oscars.
That's not so much an order as a suggestion. A harmless one at that.
Don't be so ridiculous!

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Ye Olde Computer Laboratory. And, George Bush is a backwards bottomfeeding turd.
Today I sit in the computer lab of my old school. They have flat screens and vertical towers now.
I used to sit here with someone else, sometimes. I used to go there just to see him. He used to peek at me over the side of the computers. He would prop an elbow up on the desk, set his chin in his half fisted hand, and listen to me talk about the dumbest things. I wish he would have stopped me from talking when he heard the silly things I said. He dresses better today though.
I find it difficult to convey without swearing the absolute contempt and loathing I feel for a man who sits in the executive office of our country and talks the junk he's spewing. Hi asshole, you live in AMERICA. Our constitution cannot be used to take AWAY rights and to discriminate against certain citizens...a huge inflected DUH.... you dull brained foot of a man. Real student of history and compassion, that guy. And of course he does this to screw with Kerry and Edwards....sigh...Kerry is a jerk on this issue, and I've not had the displeasure to hear what my sweet (southern not so liberal) Johnny Reid has to say on it. What a disappointment, these people. What country am I even living in. I'm right furious about this proposed ban and the ball-less behavior I'm seeing.
Be back tomorrow. I will be. My email mailboxes are no longer full.