Friday, March 19, 2004

Adrien likes Hummers!
I have just seen a photo of Adrien Brody leaning on that gas guzzling pointless atrocity looking pleased as punch. Feeling....faint.... Doesn't anyone have principles anymore?
Sadly I now must rely on Howard Stern to get some righteous indignation.
Doesn't seem right does it.

Ah brother Howard.
I am too nice for my own good. The original meaning of nice was STUPID.

Now. Who heard what they said on Oprah yesterday?? They wouldn't let Howard Stern play it this morning. Now that's some double standard.

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

A note about being drunk:
For all of you about to put large amounts of alcohol into your bloodstream, do remember nobody likes a person who blames Mr. Corona for doing what they wanted to do. And no...I'm not talking about Alby--a)he didn't do that and b)he's not the only person in the world. Join me here in "Everything is not about Alby" land. Focus.
Y'all know the fools I'm talking about. People talk out of their ass all the time blaming the drink for things they said, people they punched...people they sexed... don't be such a coward. Own your actions.
Now...go forth and drink a pint for me. Happy St. Pat's!

Monday, March 15, 2004

"You don't need money with a face like that, do ya honey?"
World, schmorld.
Dear Albelino.-
some guy said to me this morning that thing from that song by that Brit band.
i said thanks but i do in fact need 2 dollars for this donut and this coffee and on reflection i may need more later cause i have bills and also i need gas for my car which does not run on song lyrics.
he paid for my donut and coffee.
okay i didn't say all that either. i said thanks.
it remembered me of u.
woops. actually, woops to that woops.
i can remember anything i like. it's a free country--um...actually it isn't really "free". i mean. u have to pay taxes for one thing. also it is not free to live here. so it is a mystery what this "free" is. i think it means u are free to be u and me. unless u go one way on the highway and want to make it legal like.
but i am now off the subject which is U and ur semi-colons.
in fact me and my semi-colons.
does all this make u sick?
if yes send email.

Sunday, March 14, 2004

Psst. Al Qaeda. Ever hear of NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE?
What IS it with terrorists? Haven't these people ever heard of Gandhi? Martin Luther King? Geez. The British left India. Black people are now allowed to use the same bathroom as whites. Nonviolent resistance: 2. Meanwhile.... the West Bank still belongs to Israel. The Basque region is still part of Spain. Terrorist bombings and violence: 0. As Dr. Phil might say, "How's that working for ya?"
Hello? Anyone home? This drives me right out of my mind. The wholesale slaughter of innocents does nothing but ratchet up the rhetoric on both sides. Now, in addition to all the crying and the pain of death, we have to watch all the neo-cons freak out some more. The neo-cons aren't afraid to bust some heads. Slaughter some innocents. Violence begets violence.
Fear is one ugly monster. And not just on the international stage.