Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Today I fought the stupid by: Listening to David Byrne's radio show. And not telling you who DB is if you don't know.

Of course, I've joined MySpace
. Net zero.
I hate myspace. I HATE it with the fire of a hundred burning suns in your eyes. The layout is an obnoxious nightmare and I think I am the oldest person on there (delightful snarky thought here). Alas, I was tricked by my sister who has THE ugliest picture of me in her profile just sitting there for all the world to see.
*waiting until everyone comes back from seeing said ugly phot.*

I told you it was bad. Whatever.

I don't like pictures. I keep hearing how unfortunate that is for the kiddo, but a two dimensional representations of someone full of life are only helpful in desperate situations. Could be I'm a selfish person.