Saturday, March 06, 2004

Which country do I live in--and being an aberration.
People are being felony charged for marrying gay couples...gee. Talk about your forward progress. Maybe one day we can stone gay people like the Taliban did... I wonder how those log cabin Republicans are feeling lately. I expect they realize that some of us are more equal than others--that's the American way! George Orwell got that about 70 years ago. And John "I'm a rich Skulls and Boner Yalie like that other guy" Kerry is the Democratic nominee. Lord. He's smart...kind of liberal...but he makes Al Gore look like James stinkin' Dean. Because our political situation is so frightening let's move on to aberrations.
There is something to be said for consistency, logics, and good sense. But a word about the aberration--it is what great stories are made from. As a writer I can appreciate that (reference any historical act/personality/film/novel). I imagine if you are a rational sort you'd disagree...but then, if you're a rational sort whyever would you be reading my blog? You'd really be proving my point. Ah well. Do come back again--even you rational sorts.

Friday, March 05, 2004

Howard Stern and America. And, the newest pickup line.
When a guy who does fart jokes is talking about the FCC and telling his fans to vote against know it has hit the fan.
Every day I find myself becoming more and more irritated with the current pResident and the apolitical nature of the voting aged public in this country. I'm going to be doing a lot of work to register new voters and get involved for the election this year... if any of you has any info on that, please email.
Three times in the past month I've been asked if I drive. This question usually leads to "Do you have a boyfriend?" or other assorted pre-dating questions later on. Is "do you drive" the new "What's your sign"? If I didn't drive would I be less desirable? Is it me or my car they want LOL! Strange. I never got that question when I worked during the day...hmm. The really cute guy at work hasn't asked me that though. I swear he has all Alby's college clothes. All the cute guys dress the same. Hey--at 4 in the morning that's all I'm ready to think about. I don't get to philosophy and quantum physics until at least 8am.